We want to make it easy for you to tell a story, professionally recorded and edited, through the lenses of a video camera.  For you, for your family, for future generations to cherish.

 Which story to tell? For some people could be an entire life. For others could be an accomplishment. An event. A success. A struggle. A failure. A dream. Hope. Love. How precious is to have your loved one's voice, laugh, and gestures immortalized on video? 

 It will always be there, to be watched and cherished.  


How to choose the appropriate professionally created package?


Gold Package ($500)

The Gold package is a wonderful option for those that want all the basics of a professional production without all the frills.  The interview will be presentable on a DVD to share and enjoy the story with friends and family. We will remove pauses and other distractions for a clean cut result. 


Platinum Package ($900)

The Platinum package gives the option to turn the video into a more detailed program to be watched by friends and family, including supporting materials to the story, such as family videos, graphs, titles and music.  It also allows the subject to spend time on video showing his/her special memorabilia as well as allowing up to three individuals to be interviewed. 


Diamond Package ($2,500+)

The Diamond package will turn your video into a special documentary show, and will star your subjects not only on a sit-down interview, but also visiting a special location relevant to the story. It will contain as many photographs and family videos requested by the family to support the story and contain supporting research archived material. Unlimited music throughout the video will make it extra special.


For commercial projects, contact me for more info and rates.



*Additional person on video interview: $150

**Location address must be up to 15 miles from video interview

***Video must be in digital format. Additional charges apply for transcoding media, photo slides and other formats other than digital

Extra services not mentioned in package available.  Please contact me for pricing.